When Curt Rehse arrived from Germany at Ellis Island on the Yorck on July 25th, 1923 he listed his occupation as Confection Chef. Undoubtedly influenced by the success of Howard Deering Johnson who purchased his first Ice Cream recipe from a retiring German immigrant in 1925. He founded Carlton Ice Cream in the spring of 1929 and was an immediate success. He took on a Greek Partner whose name we don't know and they ran the company until 1961.
  In 1961 the company was purchased by another Greek immigrant name Jerry Jorges. He maintained the recipes and equipment meticulously until 1992.
   In 1992 the company was acquired by the Saketos family who have kept not only the original recipes and standards of quality but also much of the original equipment. In fact even though modernizations like a chiller that can produce 300 gallon of Ice Cream an hour and many other modern innovations have been acquired the freezer still runs on compressed ammonia and the compressors that dates back to 1915. Some of the holding tanks predate World War II. All kept in pristine condition.
   Some things from the past can’t be improved on, like what goes into making excellent Ice Cream.